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We at Fascor distribute Hand Riverters, Rivets, Anchors, Fluted Nails & Riveter Spares. Fastening Solutions for Life. Rivets are mechanical fasteners that consist of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end and tail at the opposite end to the head. On the installation, a riveter places a rivet in a pre-drilled hole, and the tail is set or bucked (i.e. deformed) with a rivet gun, rivet tool or pneumatic hammer so that it expands to about 1.5 - 2 times the original shaft diameter, holding the rivet in place. They are used to permanently join two steel, aluminium or copper plates usually in mechanical applications where it is imperative that joints do not become loose and cause failure. As these are large flange head rivets they are ideal for environments where a larger surface area needs to be covered.

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If you describe something as riveting, you mean that it is extremely interesting and exciting, and that it holds your attention completely. This pretty much does a great job of describing us.

Matus 75 year history dates back to 1942 when brothers Lukie and Sam Matus started a hardware and tool business.
Little did they know that 75 years later, Matus would be the number one trusted tool and hardware partner in the industry. Serving the industrial, construction and engineering, agricultural, retail DIY and mining sectors. Matus is a story of building. Building trust, building customers, building suppliers and building its people for 75 years.

Matus continuously strives to remain relevant in the industry by lettings its brands work hard for customers and suppliers. The 80’s saw Matus and Tarry Tools merge, making Matus a dedicated wholesaler. During this period, Matus opened its first branch in Cape Town with Durban and Port Elizabeth opening in the 90’s. This completed its national service offering covering the length and breadth of South Africa.

Matus purpose is helping to build a better South Africa in all that we do and in the way in which we do it. We do this by living the pillars that we believe when done together will build a better South Africa.

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Structural rivets, with high tensile strength, shear strength & mandrel retention loads.

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